Management policy

The management of RR has conducted the management policy as a guideline for our operating principles. It covers both quality and environmental aspects of operations. Policy is reviewed during management reviews.

Focusing on our clients as well as their and other interested parties’ satisfaction is fundamental to our management policy. Our products are top quality, and produced according to industry specification, following environmentally sound and zero defect principles.


Our basic principle is to serve customers with a comprehensive product and price model. RR complies with customer needs by delivering the correct items with the correct price in the correct time either from Finland, Poland or from our other partners.


Our management system is built and certified according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards, which portrays the high level of our operations. The target of our organisation is to produce rubber components according to customer specifications within the same production time while minimizing our environmental impact and high level of environmental protection. We are committed to control that all legal requirements and other requirements from authorities will be followed. We solidify competitiveness and environmental soundness of our processes through continuous improvements.


Our aim is to be known as a good employer in our regional labour market through continuous training and improvement of working conditions