Whistleblowing channel

Reka Rubber Ltd is committed to responsible business conduct and strives to promote ethically approved practices, act ethically and with good business practices. We take seriously any suspicions about potentially illegal or unethical practices.

Whistleblowing channel provides all employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders with an opportunity to report suspicion of criminal and abusive or unethical conduct.
Reka’s whistleblowing channel is set up in collaboration with the Finland Chamber of Commerce, an impartial external partner, to ensure whistle blower anonymity.

All reports submitted via whistleblowing channel are processed confidentially by Reka’s whistleblowing team. The team ensures that incidents are appropriately processed in accordance with the company’s agreed-upon whistleblowing process. Only the whistleblowing team has access to the submitted reports. The team may also request additional information from the whistleblower during the processing of a submitted report.

We take all reports seriously. Please describe the suspected misconduct in sufficient detail to allow us to investigate the matter. You do not need to have evidence to support your suspicion, but all reports must be submitted honestly, sincerely and in good faith.
You can share your identity or send the report anonymously. If you disclose your identity, you consent to the processing of your personal information during the investigation in accordance with this privacy policy statement.

The report can be sent on an external website: https://reka.ilmoituskanava.fi/#/

Please note that you can give us feedback or contact in other matters via our contact form: http://www.rekarubber.com/contact-us/