Our responsibility is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


7. Affordable and clean energy

We currently use CO2 free electricity for production needs in our production plant in Finland. We aim for a gradual transition to more green solutions in all our production plants. For the logistic we prefer forwarders who are environmentally responsible.





8. Decent work and economic growth

We provide as safe working environment and protect labour rights for all our employees. To achieve this goal, we invest in technology that improves working surroundings and increase productivity. We have a comprehensive healthcare system and invest preventive actions. Additionally, we expect all our business partners to provide the same values for their employees.




9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We are involved in the transformation of the vehicle industry, that includes creating clean transportation methods and the electrification of the vehicle industry. Together with OEMs we are creating solutions for a sustainable, reliable and resilient infrastructure. We provide spare parts for our customers, which prolongs the life cycle of the end products. With our technical knowledge and support for our customers, we work together to create Smart Rubber solutions and help achieving international emission goals.



17. Partnership for goals

Our goal is to use the materials and energy as efficiently as possible to optimize our production and material usage. Together with our suppliers and customers, our aim is to develop solutions that consume less energy and preserve the natural resources in our production and in the usage of the end product.