For quality and service

It is important for us to meet our respond to our clients’ quality needs. We continuously strive to develop our processes and service offering.

We are an experienced, ISO certified partner that has become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of parts for trucks, special vehicles and ships, as well as a prominent expert in engineered solutions.

Our products’ quality and performance reliability meets industry requirements. To provide a constant supply of high-quality products, we believe in cooperation with our clients regarding both the R&D and production design. Our quality system employs a wide variety of methods in order to secure a precise product supply that meets our clients’ needs.

Our environmental system is developed on the basis of commonly accepted industry standards and principles, in addition to taking legislation into account in our daily operations. We aim to minimize the use of energy and the amount of waste in our processes. We sort, recycle and reclaim waste materials. Our environmental objectives and goals are set and reviewed regularly.

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